Since history is recorded facts placed on record as they happen, this can not be regarded as a true and accurate history of Woodford. The author makes no claim in regards to its authenticity or accuracy. However, it an attempt through hear say and tradition to establish some of the facts concerning the early settlers of the town. Since the population of Woodford was 211 at the time of its incorporation, most of its population is unknown and is not mentioned in this account.

No one knows how the town got its name, but according to tradition, there are two stories. One being that a man named Woodford, somehow connected with the Southbound Railroad, contributed to the establishment of the station in return for the naming of the town after him. The other story is and seems to be the most logical that the railroad station being established for the purpose of loading and shipping of wood, which no doubt was a very important industry at that time, thus being named for a shipping point for wood.

The town of Woodford was established on the lands of the Robinson’s and Gissendanner’s by an act of the General Assembly of South Carolina, approved December 22, 1891. This Charter was to have taken affect immediately after approval by the assembly and to remain in force for a period of thirty years or until amended or repealed.

This act was introduced to the General Assembly upon a request to the Secretary of State by petition signed by twenty-one citizens of the town.

In 1902, The General Assembly of S.C. passed an act providing for the incorporation of towns under 1,000 population to surrender its charter and accept corporations. This was done by popular vote of the citizens on the 23rd day of March, 1906. On the sight where the Community Center now stands, was the sight of the No. 3 school of Woodford, built in 1917.

The town records have been lost for the period from 1891 to 1914. Available records show that the following men have served as mayor of Woodford since its incorporation: W.D. Axson, M.L. Nelson, W.B. Smith, C.M. Staley, Sr.,S.A. Inabinet, M.P. Stroman,Sr.,A.Z. Stroman, E.H. Livingston, D.H. Livingston, P.S. Hildebrand, M.P. Stroman,Jr., J.D.Wannamaker, T.W. Livingston, H.R. Inbinet, W.B. Lee, J.A. Boles, D.H. Livingston, F.L. Obrian, B.T. Ward, Keaton Jeffcoat, Hodges Kaminer, Eric Stroman, Don Jeffcoat, Andrew Bair, C. Moody Staley, Sidney D. Livingston, and Charles Stoudemire.
Respectfully written by C. Moody Staley.